What is King Me?

King Me was created by the artist ninamdot in pursuit to encourage the rise of self–worth in black men and boys through her photography. In 2016 King Me made its first gallery debut at the Globe Gallery in Cincinnati. 


Why is King Me important?

“What you see is what you become.” If black men around the world can remember this catchphrase then King Me will be a success beyond images that are admired in a gallery.


How do I stay connected?

Please follow the evolution of King Me on social media, IG: @kingme2016/#kingme2016


The hashtag for King Me is: #KingMe2016 entirely. Even for the portraits that are currently being created in 2018 and beyond. 2016 is our established year and holds significance to that particular hashtag. 

© 2018 by ninamdot

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